Leadership Development

Ask yourselves – do my team members feel a sense of belonging here? What can I do to co-create a more inclusive culture?

Understanding culture is the foundation of any dynamic organizational environment. The primary tool we utilize to help clients understand their team’s cultural mindset (individually and collectively) is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®), an internationally accredited developmental assessment that gauges one’s intercultural competence. (the capacity to shift cultural perspective, adapt behaviors, and work efficiently cross-culturally.)

Diversity + Intercultural Competence = Inclusion

JBH works with your team to build a leadership platform that is effective, engaging, and sustainable. We show you ‘HOWE’ to create an inclusive environment that provides a psychologically safe space for employees to show up as their authentic selves and welcomes diverse team members, ideas, and perspectives.

Shameless basketball reference: We provide the framework for moving the ball down the court and sustaining the momentum.

Typical Company Challenges:

  • Resistance to change
  • Improper implementation of new practices and procedures
  • Lack of consistency

Genuine Changes Needed in Most Company Cultures:

  • Equitable visible and invisible policies and procedures
  • Human-capital centered solutions
  • Data-driven strategies and learning solutions
  • Authenticity
  • Proven successful implementation

Understanding the ‘why’ is just one part of the puzzle.
Knowing ‘how’ is the most vital part.

I attend many meetings and conferences in my line of work. I was instantly drawn into Jamie’s dialogue and presentation during a panel conversation about diversity and inclusion. She guided the panelist with her questions, while keeping it interesting and informative. Jamie brings a grace, elegance, confidence, and a sense of humor that draws her audience in, even with such a serious topic. She ultimately delivered her material in a way to connect with all attendees by speaking from the heart in a way that captivates the entire audience. She is a fantastic speaker, and her passion for the topic could be felt.

- Melanie C., Dallas, TX

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