Property Management &
Capital Planning Consultant

Jamie Beale Howe provides consulting services to help organizations with their property management and capital planning efforts. Consulting rids the fluff of carrying an additional employee along with the costs and risks associated with it.

Strategies & Guidance:

Ms. Howe’s consulting provides strategies and guidance on many areas within this space such as how to:

  • Maximize net operating income
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Lease-up your assets
  • Create and implement capital plans ranging from one year to ten years
  • Create and maintain a preventive maintenance program
  • Set corporate growth strategies
  • Create SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • Interpret lease language
  • Evaluate potential acquisition of a single asset or a portfolio of assets
  • Create or enhance Emergency Preparedness and/or Disaster Recovery Program

Utilizing Jamie’s experience managing over $100M in capital and operating expenses and the acquisition and disposition process of $5B worth of assets.

From doubt comes destiny.

When I brought Jamie on board, I knew I was getting a star performer but what I subsequently learned was that she had the ability to demonstrate a variety of skills. She and I had worked together for over 5 years. During that time her ability to succeed in different roles and take on a variety of responsibilities contributed greatly to the success which we attained. She effectively created individual property operating and capital budgets which she rolled up to the portfolio level for corporate executive review. Her ability to manage teams of professionals was largely responsible for maximizing net operating income and reducing operating expenses on the portfolio of properties for which we were responsible. As the number of our investments continued to grow, Jamie successfully managed the transition of these newly acquired assets into the existing portfolio. I am pleased and honored to provide this testimonial endorsing Jamie.

- Michael N., Jupiter, FL

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